Cong. Jerrald Nadler Accepts Discredited Version of USS Liberty Attack

Like Every Other Member of Congress Cong. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) Accepts Without Question Jay Cristol’s Discredited Account of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty and Refuses to Respond to USS Liberty Survivor’s Inquiries. 


jerrald-nadler-d-ny-300x312HON. JERROLD NADLER
Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mr. NADLER. Mr. Speaker, Mark Twain famously said that one of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives. This is certainly the case with respect to one of the most persistent slanders against the State of Israel: the contention that on June 8, 1967, the Israel Defense Forces intentionally attacked a U.S. Naval Intelligence vessel, the USS Liberty.

Fortunately that lie has been put to rest once and for all by the careful and exhaustive research of the Honorable A. Jay Cristol, a distinguished judge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida. His careful research of the Liberty incident clearly demonstrates that this tragedy was the result of mistaken identity at the height of the Six Day War, when Israel’s very survival was at stake.

This conclusion is in line with the conclusions of 10 official U.S. investigations—including five congressional investigations—that there was never any evidence that the attack was made with knowledge that the target was a U.S. ship. There is substantial evidence the attack was a tragic mistake caused by errors on the part of both the U.S. and Israel.

After checking numerous resources, including the CIS (Congressional Information Service) Indexes to Congressional Hearings (both published and unpublished),and the Public Documents Masterfile, I could find no evidence that the Congress ever heldhearings or launched an investigation into the June 8, 1967 incident with the USS Liberty. — ECH, Reference Librarian, Library of Congress

On June 8,1967, at the height of the Six Day War, a U.S. Naval intelligence vessel, the USS Liberty, strayed into the waters 14 miles off the Sinai Peninsula, near El Arish. The Israel Defense Forces, having incorrectly identified it as an Egyptian vessel engaged in an attack of Israeli forces, attacked the Liberty, killing and wounding some of the crew.

As a U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry found, ”Available evidence combines to indicate that the attack on LIBERTY on 8 June was in fact a case of mistaken identity.”el-quseir-liberty-comparison


No one with an open mind can read the evidence amassed by Judge Cristol and reach any other conclusion. Nonetheless, the conspiracy theories persist.

Conspiracy theories tend to have a life of their own. They can never be disproved. If there is no evidence supporting the conspiracy, then it is proof of a coverup. If there is evidence proving there was no conspiracy, that is also proof of a coverup. Either way, evidence disproving a conspiracy theory only proves to believers that the conspiracy really exists.

No one denies that this incident was a terrible tragedy, but some have sought to exploit a case of mistaken identity by insisting that the Israeli military knew that the Liberty was a U.S. naval vessel, and attacked it on purpose. Despite the complete absence of any credible evidence to support this outrageous claim, it continues to be repeated as if it were true.

Judge Cristol has done a tremendous service with his work. It is my hope that his book, ”The Liberty Incident: The 1967 Attack on the U.S. Navy Spy Ship,” which was the result of more than 14 years of research, will finally lay to rest this slander against one of our Nation’s most reliable allies.

  • Ron Kukal

    Congressman Nadler:
    For your information, the USS LIberty had a crew mostly made up of Communications Technicans. These people were considered some of the most trusted by the Navy, and congress itself. So I ask you just one simple queston. Do you really think that the most trusted men of that era would get together and come up with a conspiracy theory? Do you really? I take nothing away from the rest of the crew in any way shape or form, because they have held true to their oath also, and I deeply respect all of them. You think Judge Cristol is an authority on this subect? What are his credentials? He is a judge and former Navy. well I could find you many of the same caliber. He was a Navy pilot so I am told, well I could find you several who are a judge, a former Navy pilot, and in some cases some who have thoroughly researched the attack. So what are his qualifiations that allows you to accept his book, over the testimony of actual eyewitness accounts from the crew, who were there and saw it all. You call us conspiracy types? Well if that is the case, then the Navy did a very poor job of selecting us, don’t you think?