USS Liberty Social Media Thunderclap

USS Liberty Survivors Have Taken the Historically Unprecedented and, as Patriotic Americans, Somewhat Embarrassing, Step of Creating a Petition in an Effort to Persuade the US Government to Conduct a Complete Investigation of an Attack on a US Navy Ship.

Every attack on a US Navy ship since the end of World War II has been investigated by the US Congress.

Every attack except the attack on the USS Liberty.

What is so unique about the attack on our ship that justifies the US government allowing it to be attacked with impunity?

Could it be the fact that:

  • 057_thumb

    Showing Napalm Damage

    We were attacked by unmarked aircraft?

  • Our radios were jammed on both US Navy tactical and international maritime distress frequencies?
  • Life rafts we had dropped over the side in anticipation of abandoning ship were deliberately destroyed by machine gun fire from the attacking torpedo boats?
  • Attacking torpedo boats slowly circled the torpedoed and burning ship while firing from very close range at USS Liberty crewmen that either were trapped topside or who ventured topside to help our wounded shipmates?
  • Attacking torpedo boats departed the scene immediately upon ceasing hostilities instead of offering aid immediately as is required under international law.

Or could it be something else?

We don’t care why it hasn’t been investigated as long as the reason is determined during the complete investigation we are petitioning the US government to conduct.

We need your help in promoting our petition to social media. Please visit the Thunderclap campaign we created and support our effort. Then encourage your friends in social media to join our campaign as well.

The audience our Thunderclap campaign reaches in social media is magnified each time someone joins with us.

  • Ron Kukal

    The worst enemy of all is but a simple word,”Apathy”. I knew what to do when I took my oath to defend this nation. The oath was binding to each of us, and many have never walked away. I knew what to do then, but they never told us what we should do, if those who are in positions much higher then ours, would not stand by it. I think we are witnessing that today.